Welcome to the home of CNP - Orbea Racing

Welcome to the home of CNP - Orbea Racing

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Monday, 23 January 2012

New Team Rider - Iain Paton joins CNP - Orbea Racing

For 2012 CNP - Orbea Racing are pleased to announce that Iain Paton will join the team. 

After Matt's late decision to switch to the road, the team was left feeling sorry for those riders that had applied to join us earlier, but had been turned down due to a full roster of riders. However, through Cameron, we learned that the extremely talented Iain was without a confirmed ride and this gave us an opportunity to fill the space left by the departing Matt. The team are really pleased that we can once again support another talented young rider, who has the potential to reach the top in the Junior Category.

Iain will be a first year Junior for 2012, coming off the back of an outstanding final year in the Youth category. Below is a list of Iain's achievements. 
  • British mountain bike series champion
  • Silver British mountain bike Championships
  • Scottish mountain bike series champion
  • Gold - Scottish mountain bike Champion
  • Gold - Scottish Cyclocross Champion
  • 19th overall European youth mountain bike championships (Austria)
  • 8th Belgacom Grand Prix (Belgium)
  • 3 Gold medals UK school Games
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